Rewriting Articles For Your Blog Can Help You Beat Posting Time

Rewriting for new blog content

How to Come Up with Fresh Content

Sometimes when blogging you might find it difficult to come up with fresh content. In fact, if you blog regularly, it’s going to happen. While there are all kinds of ways to come up with ideas for blog content, one thing you can do is look at your old posts and rewrite the content. You might think that sounds a little generic, but there are clever ways to rewrite your content to make it fresh.

Rewrite Sentence by Sentence

You can even rewrite your content sentence by sentence or paragraph by paragraph. Or, you can choose to do a rewrite that is even more fresh by rewriting the ideas of the article only with completely original content. Each way you rewrite your article would be fresh and original content, but you get the idea. One is more original than the other, though all would pass Copyscape.

Look at Old Posts for New Ideas

Another thing you can do is to look at your old posts and articles and see if the content triggers any fresh ideas. You’re going to have to be on the ball when it comes to posting content, and that’s why some professional bloggers suggest the rewriting of the articles. It works, but at the same time, it probably shouldn’t be your go-to option every time because it would stifle creativity.

In other ways, though, the process opens you up to creativity. Ultimately, you just have to keep posting fresh content. That’s what it’s all about, and this is just advice from a writer who works for a site in which clients even request articles be rewritten. They get fresh content at even cheaper prices, and that is an advantage to them. If you don’t want to rewrite your own articles, you can always submit them to have them rewritten for you. Either way, rewriting an article is a creative way to get fresh content by posting time.

Sample Page

sample page

Writing Sample Page

Just a heads up for those of you that are starting a new blog. Make sure that you delete the sample content that comes with the theme that you purchase or load into WordPress.

Otherwise you will be stuck with a sample page on your site forever which isn’t particularly good for your writing reputation and portfolio.

If you choose to leave it. Transform the page into a list or links of all of your favorite writing samples so that people can get an idea of your work before they buy / hire you as freelancer.


Using SEO to Brand Yourself Online: How are you branding?

online brand creation

How To Brand Yourself Online The Right Way

If you can learn how to brand yourself online, you can make a good living. There are many people that have made it by using the internet to their advantage. Whether you have a company already or are just trying to get attention paid to something you’re working on, this guide can help.

Build a website that covers what you’re trying to sell to people or just to show off what your talents are. When you have your own website that is the official one for whatever you are doing, you can make it an authority site through a little bit of work. As long as it has a lot of good information on it that you can’t find elsewhere, it’s a good way to build up your brand. Either hire a web designer to build and work on your site regularly, or do the work yourself after learning about building websites.

Branding yourself is not that easy to do if you are not careful about your reputation. If you have a bunch of pictures on social media of you drinking and partying all the time then that won’t look good. You may want to hook up with a reputation management service so you can take care of all of the search results and learn what to do to avoid people finding sordid information out about you. It may be hard to get rid of everything associated with you that you don’t like, but you can certainly bury most of it.

Be mindful of what you say to other people in public online. You may think it’s okay to tell someone off on social media for being rude to you, but that’s going to reflect poorly upon you. People may not know the whole story, but if all they see is that you’re rude to people after they are rude to you, they may think you don’t know that much about running a respectable company. Branding yourself means you need to make yourself look good to people and like you know what you’re doing in the business so be careful about interacting with others.

Try to get yourself featured on websites that are big in the niche you want to work within. Let’s say, for instance, that you’re selling model trains and want to become an authority in doing so. Then, you can contact a few different blogs that have something to do with the subject and ask if they can interview you or give you some kind of ad space on their site. You may have to pay to get them to help, but it is worth it. This all will work better if you have quality products and/or services to offer already.

When you can get yourself branded online, you can begin to be successful. There may be times where it seems like it’s taking a lot more work and time than you expected, but it all pays off when you see your reputation go soaring!

Why Writing SEO Articles Can Get You Down

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Why Writing SEO Articles Stinks Sometimes

What makes SEO writing a job that sucks? Many aspects of many jobs are not that great. That’s why you make money doing them, however. Here are some of the reasons why you’ll find yourself not wanting to write that next article on mountain bike racks.

It Doesn’t Pay A Lot

If you want to make a living doing SEO writing, it is possible. But, you have to be willing to put in a lot of hours a week. It’s not like writing for artistic purposes or for fun. You just find the SEO articles you can do quickly enough to make them worth your while, and hope that people order enough for you to pay your bills.

People Don’t Give Clear Instructions

SEO writing can seem like an impossible task at times. A lot of people like to order articles with no clear instructions. People will order articles with keywords that they want, but won’t provide directions. Then they’ll get mad about the fact that you didn’t write it in a certain person or didn’t cover a specific company. How are you supposed to read a client’s mind?

Ratings That Make No Sense

Most SEO writing websites let you do higher paying work if you get good ratings. What happens if you do good work but a client doesn’t like it for whatever reason? If they give you a bad rating, then you may end up eventually not being able to get work that pays a fair rate. Even if the comment they gave you on your work made no sense and you did your job right, it can cause you to lose out on money.

SEO writing work is not terrible, but it does suck sometimes. It’s much like the fast food of writing where everyone wants you to work fast and hard while being complained at and paid very little.

Discover The Top Three SEO Methods To Use

3 seo strategies, seo strategies that work

How Difficult does Search Engine Optimization have to be?

When you look at SEO you may think that it is going to be quite a bit harder than what you imagined. However, once you start to explore the different methods that are used for ranking a website you will find that it is a lot easier than what you imagined. This is when you should know about the top three methods that are used to help you bolster your SEO work. Then you can finally see that this is not rocket science, but instead if is nothing more than Internet science that is needed.

Method 1

The first method is going to include getting some work done on the site. This is where you will go through and find all the different faults that your website may have. This includes not getting the proper title to a page, having information mislabeled on the site, or even having something as simple as getting a broken link fixed because you typed in the wrong URL. All of these are factors that impact your website ranking and can ultimately lead to the harm of your website ranking highly in the search engines.

Method 2

Building up back links is the challenging part for any type of SEO plan. However, it is the part that makes everything work if your website is not done properly or you just want to increase your rankings. So you will want to look at the quality of the site you are going to try to get a link from, the niche the site is in, and even how many outbound links the site has. By doing this you will have a chance to build up links to your website from a quality website in the same niche, but also know the website is not one that everyone is getting links from.

Method 3

Finally you will find that social media has started to impact the websites rankings. A website for it to rank generally has to have some type of social media link on it. When it has these links it is going to make it easier for the website to rank, but also going to have it gain a following. Not to mention that each time you have a share on the social media sites it will count as a new link to your site. So this will help you out, but also remember the social media websites because of the popularity tend to make it easier for you to get the pages that you have published crawled and indexed.

Being able to rank a website in the search engines is not rocket science. In fact, most of the work that is going to be done is going to involve getting the proper preparation work done on the sites. By knowing about the top three methods, it will be very easy for you to rank your website and know that you are finally able to earn the income that you need from the website that you have worked so hard on.

How To Drive Website Traffic Through Google

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Are you not satisfied with the amount of traffic you receive from search engines?

Not appearing for your target keywords means losing out to the competition. In today’s business landscape, it’s definitely a must to improve your search engine visibility if you want to drive more targeted leads to your website. Thankfully, you can increase your website traffic through Google by following a few simple steps. Read on to discover 3 effective strategies you can implement on your website right now.

Target The Right Keywords

If this isn’t your first attempt at a doubling in SEO, then you probably know a thing or two about keyword research. But if you still focus on targeting keywords with the highest monthly searches, you may be leaving plenty of money on the table. Keep in mind that traffic isn’t the best predictor of success. Even if you manage to drive thousands of traffic to your website, you may not receive the kind of returns you want because your visitors do not convert.

When doing your keyword research, make sure that you take into consideration search intent. Basically, this tells you how close to the end of the sales funnel a certain user is. All it takes is a little common sense to figure this one out. Keywords that are too general usually receive high search volumes, but don’t expect to get a good conversion rate. On the other hand, you can target long tail keywords with high search intent. These can prove a better choice since it is easier to follow through with the kind of content sought after by your audience.

Optimize For Mobile Devices

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you should know that mobile searches have surpassed desktop searches two years ago. Over the following years, it is expected that this will only increase. Google has also released several updates geared toward improving mobile experience. The latest one is their mobile first index, which they plan on rolling out to all search queries this year.

Basically, the Mobile first index introduces a change in the way Google evaluates the ranking factors of a website. They will now look at the website’s mobile version when looking at its ranking signals instead of its desktop version. This only makes sense, considering that Google receives more mobile searches each day compared to desktop searches. If you still don’t have a mobile friendly website, now is the right time to make the change. Consider using responsive web design so you provide the best user experience to your audience regardless of their device.

Build Strong Links

Even after the introduction of RankBrain, Google says that links are still included in their top three ranking signals. This means that you should take the time to create an effective link building strategy. You can no longer rely on automated tools that point countless low quality links to your site. Instead, it’s much better to focus on building a handful of strong links that offer much more value.

A link outreach strategy can be tedious and time intensive. But if you want to gain an edge over the competition, it should definitely be included in your overall strategy. When done correctly, you should be able to gain high quality links from authoritative sources, passing authority and relevance to your most important pages. More importantly, these are the kinds of links that do not get removed, meaning they provide value over the long term.

Just What Is SEO? And How Does It Work?

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Unraveling the Mystical Layers of SEO

If you are trying to start up your own business or even just go into working for yourself, then you know you need a website to promote yourself, your products, or your services. You might even be looking to entirely make your money online, be it e-commerce sales or through monetizing a blog. You’ve likely heard that SEO is necessary for online success of any website, but you might also be wondering just what it is and how does it work? If you’re interested in a basic primer on this topic, keep reading the following paragraphs to find out a few things.

SEO Definition

In the shortest, simplest definition, SEO is the process of optimizing a website so that it attracts search engine users. It actually borrows a concept from real estate, where the secret to success is location. Consider that gas stations and fast food restaurants are often found on the corners of intersections to get the most business.

Websites do things in a similar way. When someone needs something, they go to Google or another search engine and type whatever they need into the query box, hit the enter button, and their page is then filled with results. These are also known as SERPs within the SEO world. SEO stands for search engine optimization, and SERPs are search engine results positions. If you use search engines yourself, then you know or at least expect the top results to be among the best and most reliable websites for that keyword or search phrase.

That means that whatever websites get the best SERPs get the most traffic and users, and websites that are designed well convert that traffic into money, subscribers, customer, or other valuable resources.

So how does a website get to be in the top rankings for a keyword? One way is to find a keyword or niche that is undeserved or not served much at all. If there’s little to no competition, then any website catering to it will naturally rise to the top.

In most areas there is some competition. In fact, there might be lots. In those cases, a website needs to have a lot of backlinks pointing to it from other websites for example I can link seo lake nona, to without having to use their url. Other options include forum posts, and social media content like linking to Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Google Plus and many other places. Links that come from sites with related content and that are seen as authoritative by Google are valued more highly than other backlinks.

In both cases, the website itself needs to have the keywords and related content on the website itself, along with a dozen other little technical things that Google likes to see. Other search engines have slightly different standards, but if you’re just starting out, then aiming to rank high in Google is the best move since it’s the dominant search engine that so many use.

In a nutshell, SEO is just identifying the keywords or search strings that would bring people to your website, creating content to cater to it, and then generating backlinks to your site that Google notices. Then, you should rise in the SERPs and start seeing more traffic.

How to Increase Website Traffic for Free.

driving site traffic

Do you want to know how to how to increase website traffic for free?

There are several free traffic generation techniques. However, most people fail because they focus on so many free traffic generations techniques at the same time. If you want to be successful, then you need to master one traffic source before moving to another traffic source.

For example, if you love writing, then focus on blogging and writing guest posts. You can move on to other traffic strategies once you are making money from this traffic source.

The following are some of the best ways of increasing website traffic for free.

1 – Video Marketing

Do you love creating videos? If you love creating videos, then you need to focus on video marketing. You won’t even feel like you are working because you love what you are doing. Creating videos is free. And there are so many video sharing websites that accept different videos. These video sharing websites are free to join. Create high quality videos if you want people to subscribe to your channel. Your videos should be helpful. You can include a link to your website in the descriptions or in your video.

2 – Social Media Marketing

Use social media to generate free traffic to your website. Social networking sites receive millions of visitors every month. It is free to join these websites. Avoid promoting your business all the time. You need to build trust. People will never visit your website if they don’t trust you. That is why you need to be helpful and share useful content with your followers. Answer any questions that is being asked. Never ignore anyone.

3 – Guest Posting

Guest posting is also one of best ways of generating free traffic to a website. Look for high quality websites and blogs that accept guest posts. Do not submit your guest posts to low quality blogs or websites. This is because guest posting can be used to build high quality backlinks, so your rankings may be affected if you are generating backlinks from low quality blogs. Therefore, you need to make sure that you are only building high quality backlinks. And make sure that your guest posts are of high quality if you don’t want them to be rejected.

4 – EBooks

There are several websites that accepts free ebooks. These websites get thousands of visitors every day. If you want to use these websites to generate free traffic to your website, then you need to create high quality ebooks. Submit your ebooks to these websites. People will download your ebooks and read them. They will click the links on your ebooks when they want to learn something more on your website.

These are the best ways on how to increase website traffic for free. Pick one traffic strategy that you love and focus on that strategy. Move on to another traffic strategy once you have mastered a certain traffic strategy. If you do this, then you will be successful in generating free traffic to a website.

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